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By Megan Bell, age 10

Sunrise Valley Elementary, Reston Va.

Have you ever wished you could travel back in time? Well, Miri does. “The Magic Half” is a fantastic adventure about two girls. One finds a lens and travels through time and the other tries to help her find her way home.

Miri travels to 1935 where she meets Molly. They have a good time until Miri tries to take Molly to 2008, but then Miri finds out she can’t get to 2008 the same way she got to 1935.

The girls are then on a mission to find a way for Miri to return to her home in 2008. They enjoy their time together and become friends quickly. Will Miri find her way home? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I like this book because it was adventurous and funny. My favorite scene is when Molly’s cousin, Horst, comes upstairs to try and find Molly, but Molly and Miri hide in a bench that opens. The girls hide in the bench because Horst is always mean to Molly and tries to get her in trouble. The girls thought this was quite funny.

My favorite character is Miri because she’s always pretending she’s the “wolf princess.” She has a great imagination and likes to pretend a lot. I also like Molly´s character because she is very brave to stand up to her family, who is not very nice to her. They make her clean up after everyone and work harder than the rest of her family.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventures and fantasy. I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will, too.

RATING: 4 stars

BOOK: “The Magic Half”

AUTHOR: Annie Barrows

PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury USA Children´s Books

PRICE: $15.95


INFORMATION: anniebarrows.com



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