- The Washington Times - Sunday, July 27, 2008

“Have you ever lived in a house with three generations of family members? What amenities would you say would be essential for such a house?”



“Yes, a number of times. At times stressful, but overall wonderful. The opportunity to watch the grandchildren grow and develop, priceless. Television sets edge out bathrooms as the most essential amenity for a multigenerational home. Forgoing the news in favor of children’s cartoons is very painful.”


Philip Brach Jr., 42, Washington

“Yes, I have lived in such a house. The most essential thing you need is a Bible, because without a sense of faith one would never put up with multiple generations under one roof.”


Philip Brach III, 7, Washington

“I have not lived in a home with three generations, but I live across the street from my grandparents’ on my dad’s side and we would stay there when we visited from Chicago. Such a house would need more air conditioning.”



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