- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sanctuary-city policies defy guidelines from the 911 Commission Report, which called on state and local authorities to help federal agencies crack down on illegal immigration (“San Francisco’s sanctuary nightmare,” Editorials, Monday).

There is a growing role for state and local law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of immigration law. They need more training and work with federal agencies so that they can co-operate more effectively with those agencies in identifying terrorist suspects.

Instead, a host of cities across the United States classify themselves as havens for illegal aliens despite the fact that such policies result in creating safe havens for illegal aliens who are criminals and potential terrorists. They enable criminal aliens to avoid deportation because they prevent local police from reporting them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

President Bush should issue an executive order denying any federal funds to those cities that either officially or unofficially provide sanctuaries enabling illegal aliens who commit crimes to escape deportation.

They need to learn there is a price to be paid for exposing their residents to criminal activities by illegal aliens. We need to clamp down on these sanctuary cities and the illegal aliens whom they harbor and protect from the law.





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