- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I saw Michael Smith’s column “Teens challenged to do hard things” (Home-schooling today, Family, Sunday) and thought, “What a coincidence!” I had recently discovered “Do Hard Things,” and as a teenager who has just read the book, I want to say it is not a book that encourages random acts of “hardness” or scolds teens for their laxness in that area.

Alex and Brett Harris write in a very personal, nonjudgmental tone as they lay out their thesis that the teen years have a deeper meaning than just having fun and partying, explain what it means to do hard things, and give examples of other young people who have taken the same idea and applied it to their lives.

I attended a conference by the Harris twins, and I can tell you they practice what they preach. “Do Hard Things” has drastically changed my outlook on life, and I highly recommend it to anyone, teenager or adult, who wants a real change in his or her life.





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