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In his Sunday Commentary column, “Cabinet climate role?” Richard Campbell states that the debate appears “all but over” on global warming.

Ten years into a planetary cooling cycle that may last for another decade or two and that Al Gore, his adherents and the computer models failed to predict and now are trying their best to spin, the debate is anything but “over.”

Every day sees scientists abandoning a consensus that never existed in the first place. Every day we read stories that suggest we may be on the verge of a new cooling cycle, and efforts to stop global warming appear more and more like solutions in search of a problem.

Republicans in Congress need to argue the science as well as the cost of legislation such as America’s Climate Security Act, introduced by Sens. John W. Warner and Joseph I. Lieberman. It would cap total U.S. emissions.

Al Gore should be asked to testify and explain why despite increased CO2 in the atmosphere the planet has cooled for the past 10 years and appears likely to do so for the next 10 to 20 years. He and other greenhouse-gas advocates should be asked to explain how the computer models missed this and why they should be trusted.

With every sign that the planet is cooling and will go on cooling for the foreseeable future, they should be asked to justify massive new taxes and government bureaucracies and assaults on our freedoms to address a problem whose time appears to have come and gone. In a sense, Mr. Campbell may in fact be right: The debate is over, man-made global warming is what the skeptics always said it was, a non-issue.



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