- The Washington Times - Monday, June 23, 2008

After reading Fatina Abdrabboh‘s letter “Head scarves and hate” (Saturday, e-edition) I am reminded that the only time a Muslim writes or comments is to speak of the bad treatment he or she has received. I have never seen Muslims write or speak about the treatment some of their faith have shown non-Muslims - including murder. At least all they have suffered are cross words or looks. If I, as a Christian, tried to dress and worship as I pleased in a Muslim country, in most cases that would not be tolerated.

I have visited a more liberal Muslim country, and we were told before landing what was appropriate dress and what we could and could not do while visiting the country. I followed those directions and respected the customs of the country I was visiting. I received cross looks and I am sure words - which I could not understand. Nevertheless, I tolerated those looks and words, as I knew the people around me were not comfortable with a non-Muslim in their presence. There were a lot of very friendly people who helped me understand what was proper and what was not.

Mrs. Abdrabboh is lucky she lives in a country where she can drive, vote and do anything a man can do even though her religion will not allow all those freedoms. Am I uncomfortable when I see someone wearing a head scarf? Yes. This is a feeling I cannot control. I just know my son is serving in a country where women wear those head scarves and our men and women are in harm’s way.

I pray that we continue to be safe in our own country - but until I hear Muslims in our country say they do not believe in the extreme parts of their religion, I will not feel comfortable when I see those head scarves. Mrs. Abdrabboh’s support for Barack Obama for president is her choice, definitely not mine.


Waldorf, Md.

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