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Most sinful cities

“What are America’s most sinful cities? How could we know? Well, give Forbes magazine credit for giving this ranking challenge a try. The magazine recently offered rankings on the traditional seven deadly sins — and ranked America’s ‘top ten’ on each sin. … Some of the results were surprising: Salt Lake City as America’s Vainest City. Some were not: Detroit as America’s Most Murderous. …

“Most Lustful: Denver ranked first, joined by San Antonio, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Boise, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, Columbus, Baltimore and Buffalo/Rochester. The research firm of AC Nielson used sales figures for contraceptives and sex items in ranking the list.

“Most Jealous: Memphis tops the list, followed by Charlotte, San Antonio, Seattle, Providence, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Columbus, Oklahoma City, Chicago. The rankings were linked to crime rates for personal property. …

“It is interesting to ponder the question of whether sins are particularly celebrated and concentrated in certain cities. It would be hard to ignore the self-advertisement of Las Vegas. Yet, it is not true that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sins spill over quite readily, and sin is a powerful contagion.”

Albert Mohler, writing on “America’s Most Sinful Cities?” posted Feb. 26 on


Wishful thoughts

“This lady’s harangue … was an understandable response to what must be one of the most harrowing depictions of an abortion ever shown on film and a picture [‘4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days’] that well deserved the Palme d’Or that it won at Cannes last year.

“Yet it seemed odd that all she could see of it afterwards was the fact that, having taken place in Romania during the dying days of the oddly puritanical Ceausescu regime, now nearly 20 years in the past, the abortion had been an illegal one.

“However horrible its illegality had made it — and that’s pretty horrible — it’s hard to see how that could so completely blind someone to the horror — for such it also certainly is — of the abortion itself. Such are the powers of ideology.”

James Bowman, writing on “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days,” Feb. 29 on his site, JamesBowman.net

Ice-y rebuke

“[Bjork] deserves some credit for giving Sinofascism a pop to the proboscis. …

“A video on the Internet site Youtube shows the Icelandic singer closing out her concert in China’s financial hub last Sunday with the song: ‘Declare Independence,’ during which she yelled ‘Tibet’ several times.

“A nice bit of defiance from a lefty in the lair of the beast. Better than the Indigo Girls in Cuba, that’s for sure.”

— Dale Price, writing on “To say that I’ve never really cared for Bjork’s music is an understatement,” March 7, on his site dprice.blogspot.com

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