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Mickey Edwards writes in response to my review of his book “Reclaiming Conservatism” that I “read it so carelessly” and ascribe to him things he did not say (Letters, May 16).

Not only have I read his book carefully but, as my review makes plain, I have read a great deal of his other writings and public statements, dating back at least as far as his regular column in the Boston Herald more than a decade ago.

Mr. Edwards is an opponent of the federal marriage amendment and, if not a pro-choice supporter of Roe v. Wade, then definitely a frequent critic of its pro-life opponents.

As far back as 1994, Mr. Edwards was praising Barry Goldwater for his support of legal abortion based on “limiting government’s ability to tell us what to do,” and a decade later he said the federal marriage amendment would amount to the first time “that the Constitution was used to try to determine how people led their lives.”

If his positions have changed or are more nuanced than what can be gleaned from his writing, I would be happy to hear them. However, far from reading carelessly or attempting to mischaracterize his positions, I read Mr. Edwards’ passages about same-sex marriage and the right to privacy with this background in mind.


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