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Nico Loschiavo, age 12

Central Middle School, Edgewater, Md.

“The Blight Way” is a very appealing book because it is funny, action-packed, mysterious and its characters include an adventurous old man. The book starts out when Sheriff Bo Tully gets a disturbing phone call from a not-so-good friend, Batim, telling him there is dead man on his fence. The next day Bo ends up finding a car on an old mine road with two more dead men inside. Bo is determined to figure out who killed these men and why.

Bo, his deputy Buck, and his dad, Pap, stay in an old, musty hotel where Buck thinks he sees ghosts. Bo finds someone sneaking around the hotel, but doesn’t see the figure’s face well enough to identify him. He thinks it is Lem Scragg, one of Batim’s sons.

Later, Bo hires a friend Dave, an American Indian who is a tracker, to help look for clues by the car where the dead men were found. Dave finds blood, tire tracks, footprints and bullet casings near the car. They think the blood is Vern Littlefield’s, so Bo goes to see him. Vern’s wife tells Bo her husband has been missing since the dead men were found and that all the workers on the ranch have been fired by Vern’s two right-hand men.

Bo begins to work up a theory. He thinks four people were involved with the car mishap while a spectator watched. Bo thinks the spectator is Vern and that he got injured.

As Bo leaves the Littlefield ranch, he sees two men arriving and he becomes suspicious of them. Later in the story, Buck is injured because he is close to figuring out who is behind the murders, so Bo and Pap go to the old hotel to look for the figure they saw last time. Instead, they find a room full of illegal and suspicious material. Bo thinks the situation is a get-rich-quick drug scheme. Bo, Pap and other officers team up and go to an old mine to expose the culprits.

I recommend this book to older teenagers because of adult content throughout the book. The only thing left to say is I can’t wait to read book two of this series.


BOOK: “Blight Way”

AUTHOR: Patrick F. McManus

PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group (2007), paperback, 288 pages


PRICE: $14

INFORMATION: simonsays.com

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