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One downside to Barack Obama‘s victory is that for the next four years we are going to have to listen to all the right-wing pundits try to gin up scandals and create fake outrage over every possible bit of bad or arguable judgment. If Obama eats a piece of cheese, we’re going to have Cheesegate. If he says he never cared for The Wizard of Oz, there will be demands he resign from office and apologize to munchkins everywhere.

This onslaught probably won’t work, just as all those cries of “socialist” failed to get John McCain elected, but we’re still going to have to listen to it.


West Liberty, Iowa

So it is being said by everyone that America has elected its first black president, and America has therefore moved beyond a negative view of those who are black. But Mr. Obama is being called black precisely because of a negative view of blacks and is rooted in the one-drop rule, a designed to oppress blacks and to elevate whiteness as being superior.

For those who are fair-minded, President-elect Obama is no more black than he is white, being the son of a white mother and black father. But yet, because of the one-drop rule and the dominant view that whiteness in superior, Mr. Obama must be black.

Those who are calling Mr. Obama black are using the language of oppression and are therefore implicitly endorsing the view that whiteness is superior.


Springfield, Va.

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the president of the United States, it is time to officially declare racism dead and buried so that the nation can move on! Lest there be any doubt as to the complete integration of African-Americans into mainstream culture, consider these facts:

America celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. as a national holiday, the only individual so honored! Condoleezza Rice is America’s Secretary of state, after succeeding Colin Powell. Clarence Thomas is one of nine Supreme Court justices.

The world’s greatest golfer is Tiger Woods. America’s most wealthy and famous talk show host is Oprah Winfrey.

All genres of American music are heavily influenced and represented by African-Americans.

The all-time career MLB home-run king is Barry Bonds, after he supplanted Henry Aaron. African-Americans dominate the National Basketball Association and professional football.

Finally, the right of African-Americans to equal opportunity in employment, housing, and education is codified in local, state, and federal laws.

How can anyone deny that African-Americans are among the most prominent of all Americans? Time to abandon the pity pot of “racism victim” and move on!



San Jose, Calif

If victorious national Democratic elected officials truly wish to put an end to partisan and ideological wars and unite the country, they have a funny way of showing it.

Renegade Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman was recently “taken to the woodshed” by majority leader Harry Reid. Mr. Lieberman’s high-profile support for the Iraq war and for Republican presidential nominee John McCain was the kiss of political death for him, and it is expected that he will be stripped of a committee chairmanship and perhaps no longer permitted to caucus with the Democrats.

If Mr. Lieberman had represented the 60th Democratic vote to provide the party a filibuster-proof majority, he would today remain unscathed for his political independence, as the party would need his allegiance. Because that is not the case, he is seen as expendable, a member who may be punished for straying from the party line.

I could not disagree more with Mr. Lieberman on Iraq. I do not understand how a liberal Democratic senator from a liberal Democratic state like Connecticut can condone our occupation and the slipshod manner in which it has been conducted, but I find it highly distasteful that in the Democratic Party it is obvious that one must answer to party bosses and not dare stake out a position which places the member out of lockstep with party dictates.

If an elected official can be subjected to retribution when his thoughtful deliberation causes him to reach a different conclusion than his party leadership, what does that say about our two-party system of government? Does President-elect Barack Obama have any say in this matter? Does he support the high-stakes game being played out in the Senate, of which he remains a member? Are the Democrats so infuriated with Mr. Lieberman that they are willing to risk losing him to the Republican Party, which would welcome him with open arms?


Upper Saint Clair, Pa.

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