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Every campaign trail demand for timetables and withdrawals from Iraq strengthens and emboldens our terrorist enemies. Such statements are like recruiting posters to the “faithful” who know that if they can just keep up the pressure, President-elect Barack Obama and the Democrats will walk away from America’s obligations as well as our duties to ourselves and the world.

These may be unwanted obligations, but they are ours nonetheless. If we walk away we will face stronger terror recruiting that could weaken Muslim governments trying to root out the breeding grounds for terror in their own lands for decades to come. If we leave before Iraq can stand on its own, we will throw the oil markets into chaos, and we will encourage terrorists to attempt to create Muslim states all over the region. We will then be faced with terrorism actively expanding and exporting toward the West.

We are at a historic crossroads, and to some, we have chosen a path that is unacceptable. Unfortunately, walking away is not an option, because we saw the results of that in the 1990’s.

We need to fully support this war at all cost. Make sure you remember that when you consider walking away or supporting such actions. Millions may die based on the choices you make, and countries may fall as they did when we balked after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. To our soldiers who have fought and died for hard won victories, such an action will mirror the hippie radicals who spit on them upon their return from Vietnam.


Royal Oak, Mich.

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