- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving free advertisement to Japanese automakers cannot help Detroit. Bashing sport utility vehicles and the people who buy them when that is working for Detroit probably did not help either.

Second is the unions. We have all watched them destroy our auto manufacturing capability. If the goose that laid the golden egg for all those greedy union workers is dying, they killed it. If bankruptcy would change that, good; do it. If Mr. Williams is right and bankruptcy would not cut the siphon hose from the greedy union workers to our pockets, find a way, because that appears to be needed.

The third problem is not quality or excitement or efficiency - it is management. I do not know who is finding the chief executives for Ford and maybe others, but it has had several disastrous CEOs. No publicly traded company should be allowed to have an heir or major stockholder as CEO. I have never worked for the auto industry; my expertise is education and mechanics, but I have worked for a company run by an heir, and I did not like it.


Chester, Md.

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