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The government’s plan to heal the economy by making more credit available to people who already have acted irresponsibly is an exercise in futility and stupidity.

The problem is too much credit. We as individuals and as a nation are already highly indebted. We need to normalize the situation. The negative solution is to let banks and businesses fail. Only the fittest would survive. The result would be a period of recession or depression with high unemployment.

Rather than letting buying power seek its own level, I offer the positive solution of increasing buying power to eliminate debt. This would be accomplished by increased employment and demand for goods and services. This requires public spending for long-needed national projects to upgrade our industry and infrastructure.

I list them in order of importance and potential.

1. Repair, improve or replace bridges and tunnels: Catastrophic failures of the past few years emphasize our neglect.

2. Convert to hydrogen fuel: The technology is immediately available and less costly and more environmentally friendly than increased drilling and continued dependence on carbon-based fuels.

3. Convert fully to the metric system: The investment in infrastructure and industry would result in new technology, equipment, machines, processes and applications to the extent that the United States would be the most high-tech industrialized nation in the world.

4. Decentralize the government: The close proximity of all government branches in the nation’s capital makes them vulnerable to destruction by a single terrorist nuclear weapon. The various branches must be disbursed within a 100-mile radius of the White House and each other.

5. Revive the 1930s plan to bring fresh water from Canada to the Eastern and Western states: This long-term project is necessary to solve the present and future need for fresh water as far south as Texas and Florida.

Note: All labor for projects, including provided services and manufacture of goods, must be U.S. citizens. All material used for these projects would have to be of U.S. origin. Imagine what the buying power from $750 billion invested in these projects would do for the economy and the nation as a whole.


Titusville, Fla.

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