- The Washington Times - Sunday, November 2, 2008


On Nov. 4, the American people have a choice between victory and freedom or withdrawal and possible defeat in Iraq.

Sen. John McCain, a national hero with distinguished service in politics and the Navy, stands for final victory in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also will defend our country when it is threatened. He opposed stationing Marines with little tactical support in Lebanon in October 1983. He advocated for missile defense against terrorist nations with nuclear weapons, and he got legislation passed to eliminate contracts for unnecessary weapons systems.

On the other hand, despite our casualties on Sept. 11, 2001, and threats from Islamic fundamentalists, Sen. Barack Obama opposed American participation in the Iraq war from the beginning.

He also denies the brilliant success of the surge. He said he wants to rapidly pull our forces out of Iraq and deploy them to Afghanistan in greater numbers. He said publicly that he supports attacks against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan’s tribal regions without that country’s consent. He said he opposes the future development of our conventional and nuclear weapons systems. He said he supports limited missile defense. Finally, he said he wants to conduct direct negotiations with terrorist nations without preconditions. When Russia recently invaded the sovereign territory of Georgia, Mr. Obama at first was not sure how to respond, while Mr. McCain demonstrated steadfast leadership.


Marine Corps (retired)




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