- The Washington Times - Friday, November 21, 2008


The “card check” issue will show if President-elect Barack Obama is serious about bipartisanship. One key sign to keep track of is how Mr. Obama proceeds with the so-called “card check” legislation that will make it far easier for unions to recruit members. This legislation is a key priority of organized labor.

However, business groups have made stopping the “card check” bill their No. 1 legislative priority. House Democrats will push for it, but this is where Mr. Obama and his new chief of staff — Rahm Emanuel — will be tested. “Card check” indirectly helps workers, but strengthens unions. However, pushing for “card check” could create enough bad blood that it would impair Mr. Obama’s other priorities that directly help workers, such as universal, affordable health care, paid family leave, worker training and pension support. Mr. Obama should defer “card check” and focus on these bipartisan priorities first.



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