- The Washington Times - Saturday, November 22, 2008

In his Nov. 7 Commentary column, “Religious right requiem,” Cal Thomas suggests that Christians should largely abandon “ineffective attempts to reform culture through government” and stop “imposing a moral code… on others.” Instead, he says, they should live more faithful lives in “obscurity.” Well, the problem is that those on the left — here or in any country where they have attained power • have not been willing to leave Christians alone to just live their lives, worship God and raise their children, even in obscurity. Mr. Thomas makes the same untrue accusation that the American left has always made against the religious right — that those on the right are somehow seeking to “transform” society by imposing unwanted moral laws on the country.

In truth, most of what the religious right has been struggling to do for the past 30 years has been simply to defend liberty and the Constitution against the tsunami of leftist social change forced on society by a determined minority with an atheistic, socialist agenda. Mr. Thomas asks the rhetorical question, “Does the secular left, when it holds power, persuade conservatives to live by their standards?” He answers in the negative.

The left, as a matter of fact, uses far more than simple “persuasion” to gain acceptance of its standards. Those on the left use forced indoctrination in the public schools, distortion of the Constitution in the federal courts, dishonesty in the media, and denial of free speech and free assembly on the phony grounds of preventing “hate speech” or “discrimination.” They tamper with election laws and procedures, refuse to accept the will of the people and use other subversive means. Yes, it’s true we all need to recognize the fallibility and insufficiency of government, or of any human endeavor, for that matter. Mr. Thomas, however, has gone too far in this column by discouraging Christian conservatives from attempting to stand up for the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and, even more important, by our Creator.


Spotsylvania, Va.

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