- The Washington Times - Monday, November 3, 2008


As a military veteran who has served our country for over 21 years - including service during the Cold War, the Persian Gulf War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom - I am very concerned that a presidential candidate with such limited political experience, questionable patriotic affiliations, and radical economic-policy goals has a legitimate chance at winning this election. I am also outraged that the liberal press has virtually monopolized so much information on key election issues to the point that they are telling the American people who is going to win an election that “we the people” are supposed to decide!

As Election Day approaches, the American people will make the most critical decision of this decade with regard to our country’s future. There is no doubt that this decision will have long-term social, economic and security consequences on a global scale. As a citizen who loves this country and appreciates the Judeo-Christian values on which this nation is based, I would hope that as responsible Americans, we now sift through all of the rhetoric and emotion and finally get back to the fundamental issue of electing the most qualified individual to this most prestigious office.

An individual who, by the way, will inherit the responsibility as leader of the Free World and will represent either an America that leads the world’s nations in promoting democracy and freedom, or an America that seeks compromise and dialogue with rogue nations; an America that emerges economically reinvigorated through capitalism and the free-enterprise system, or an America that is systematically weakened and whose wealth is drained through socialist and welfare-oriented policies. We need a president who is legitimately qualified and is respected both at home and in the international arena to ensure that we have a robust and unified America to meet the daunting challenges of the future.


Air Force (retired)

Lancaster, Calif.

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