- The Washington Times - Sunday, November 30, 2008


Socialism, Marxism-Leninism, etc., claimed huge numbers of believers in the 20th century. What happened to them?

Many are still around in places like Cuba, to some extent in China, and a few other places. However, in the West, wherever the ideology survives at all, it has acquired various pseudonyms like “liberal,” “progressive,” “liberation theology,” etc.

However, only the last term mentioned has an explicit, candidly acknowledged, identifiable persona. In Latin America, it is simply “liberation theology,” and in the United States, in the words of the Rev. James Cone, it is “black liberation theology,” and it is openly advocated from a few pulpits. However, it is quite clearly a variant of classical socialism or what may be called “Remnant Marxism.”

Clearly the attractions of socialist ideas did not evaporate, have not evaporated, and may never completely disappear, so deeply do they reflect the wishful thinking of those who cling to economically simplistic, messianic or “hopeful” ideas. Whenever - such as now - the capitalist alternative that has brought us our modern, science-based civilization develops a malaise that requires only a digestive medication, there will be loud calls for “change,” and the “remedies” will be worse than the disease.



Austin, Texas



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