Thursday, November 6, 2008

So again we see what happens to liberals who run on the Republican ticket … they lose. And that is a good thing. The Republican Party has been headed downward steadily since its leaders lost all interest in how to govern or act in the interest of a conservative base.

Unfortunately, the conservative-libertarian movement has been leaderless since America’s history, only to be overshadowed by the current one with an approval rating of 9 percent.

A country whose only two viable political parties are left wing can only go one way, and that is the way we are headed. What do people expect to happen when the government is taking the money of 40 percent of the people and giving it to the other 60 percent?

That 60 percent will want more and more until the productive will have no more to give. Then what happens? We’ll quit. We’ll get sick and tired of working to support others. Atlas will shrug. When that happens, the smart and productive among us will have set themselves up in a free country overseas where they will be free to keep the fruits of their labors and live smart, productive, free lives.



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