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Politics insert themselves into the presidential debates. For example, Sen. Barack Obama clearly did not favor vouchers for parents, so they would have the choice of sending their children to private schools or private parochial schools. This is opposed by the teachers’ unions, and Mr. Obama needs their support and did not want to alienate them by approving of vouchers for education.

Also, Mr. Obama is supposed to be a constitutional lawyer. Yet when it came to Roe v. Wade, he favored its constitutionality. However, many lawyers cannot find its justification in the Constitution. Again, Mr. Obama must have made his approval of Roe v. Wade to curry favor with the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood and many feminist organizations. These are examples of where politics makes cowards of us all.




Watching former Navy pilot Sen. John McCain‘s performance Wednesday night reminded me of another military man’s failed strategy.

Like Gen. George Armstrong Custer’s last stand, Mr. McCain was firing in all directions during the debate, but really wasn’t inflicting any damage on his opponent. Just as the Sioux warriors methodically closed in on Custer, so too has the economy closed in on Mr. McCain.

I imagine the Arizona senator’s instinct is to say “charge” in the face of our financial crisis. The trouble for Mr. McCain is that the public is yelling “change.”


Laguna Beach, Calif.


I am one of those bitter Americans who made the mistake of suffering through the third presidential debate between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama. I had hoped that Mr. McCain would have come out swinging, angrily charging that the American public has been betrayed by Democratic members of Congress as a consequence of their actions, promoting their idiotic subprime-mortgage scheme to create the current economic crisis.

It’s time Mr. McCain got mad about the fact that the American public was betrayed by those who caused the current economic problems and by those who actively concealed the fact that the subprime mess drove Fannie Mae and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (Freddie Mac) to the brink of total collapse.

I’m mad, lots of Americans are mad and Mr. McCain should be just as mad, too. Think of the welcome Mr. McCain would have received if he had opened the debate by announcing that, in addition to fixing the economic problems, he would also appoint a special prosecutor to track down and prosecute the irresponsible perpetrators of the greatest crisis since the Great Depression.

Maybe such pronouncements would not have done much good, but they surely would have made a lot of folks feel a little better, even though they are losing their savings in the plunging stock market.

Finally, I’ve got news for Mr. Obama. That wealth that he wants to “spread around” like a good socialist just went down the drain with the collapse of the stock market.



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