- The Washington Times - Monday, October 20, 2008

This latest example of random smearing of an entire faith (“Blaming Israel again,” Commentary, Friday), making blanket statements regarding the “sermons, media and textbooks” of 1.5 billion people, is downright offensive.

This does nothing whatsoever to contribute to either the real and crucial decisions that need to be made regarding my country’s conduct overseas, nor to anything that helps the situation at home in terms of freedoms of religion, and pluralism.

As a citizen of this great country and a firm believer in the principles by which it was founded, I could not let these outrageous statements pass. Do you really think that anything but a tiny minority of the billion-plus Muslims, practicing their faith at millions of mosques all over the world, would identify with the hateful accusations for which Cal Thomas accuses (all of) them of? (e.g. “teach that their God wants all Jews (and Christians…) dead?”).

Forget about the disrespect for a religion that preaches tolerance and is used by fanatics as a political tool. This degree of disrespect for the people who follow that religion - smearing them with his own opinions of hate - is beyond the pale. And on top of that, he associates a candidate for the U.S. presidency with his outrageous statements.

Muslim does not equal terrorist. Mr. Thomas, please pick up a copy of the book “Peace be Upon You.” You will get some refreshing insights into the history of the people and politics of three religions and examples of hundreds of years of more or less peaceful coexistence interspersed with intermittent and infrequent conflicts over 1,400 years.



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