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Re: Tara Wall’s column on Tuesday. There are blacks in the Republican Party of California and nationwide who are outraged at how some people at the party’s rallies are allowing racism to creep into the minds of the people. Some are using old racist methods in an attempt at healing new economic wounds. As this presidential race unfolds, we see the true “colors” of some of the American people. As bad as it may get, all Republicans do not think this way.

I’m a black Republican woman who loves her party. There is not enough response from the leadership of the Republican National Committee or from statewide party leaders to the truly unpatriotic acts that are being perpetrated by ignorant minds of a latter day and time.

Why aren’t the elders of the Republican Party taking a stand against the racism being displayed on the campaign trail? By saying nothing, they only add fuel to the fire of hate and condone the racial and unpatriotic acts being done in the 2008 run for the presidency of the United States. Someone in the party leadership needs to take a stand against such foolishness. Make it clear that all Republicans are not racists. The Republican Party cannot move forward by remaining silent in these troubled times; silence encourages, in a passive-aggressive way, discrimination, leading me to believe that a decision has been made to win this election “by any means necessary.”

We need to hear more condemnation from the Republican National Committee and its statewide representatives of these unacceptable and unnecessary racial slurs and character attacks cluttering up the airwaves and sullying the pathway to leadership.

As we come to Election Day 2008, we see, hear, witness and feel the social injustice. The Republican Party I love is standing by and saying nothing. Let’s stick with the issues, and let’s not forget our responsibility to the Republican Party. Let’s stop muddying the political waters with racism. Sen. Barack Obama is not different from any other Democrat - raising taxes, taking pro-choice stands, etc. These are the same viewpoints any Democratic presidential candidate has had in the past. Yet this Democrat is a black man.


Los Angeles

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