- The Washington Times - Friday, September 12, 2008


A little advice to Joe Gibbs (“Gibbs backs McCain, calls on God’s aid,” Nation, Sept. 5) and other Republicans who like to wear their religion on their sleeves: The last thing Sen. John McCain needs in his tough race for president is for religious voters like Mr. Gibbs to say that Mr. McCain’s election will promote Mr. Gibbs’ private religious values and cause God to look kindly on us. This is not a theocracy, and it is precisely public statements like this one that have driven millions of moderate and independent voters out of the Republican Party.

Mr. McCain has always thought religion is an intensely personal thing and not something to be bandied about for political support, which is why he has never been seen by the religious right as a reliable foot soldier for its agenda.

So, let’s hope that Mr. Gibbs and like-minded Republicans can keep their religious beliefs where they properly belong: in their hearts and minds, not in the middle of a presidential campaign.





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