- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bruce Fein may be a fine litigator, but his Sept. 9 Commentary column, “Reasserting the Constitution,” as well as other opinion columns expose Mr. Fein for who he is. He basically calls those who support President Bush a bunch of sycophants. His use of that word indicates where Mr. Fein stands.

We all know from his columns that Mr. Fein abhors Mr. Bush. He states this over and over, using various subjects. In his most recent column, he calls for reasserting the Constitution. For once, I totally agree with him. I believe this country’s politicians and people like Mr. Fein have run amok. Mr. Fein would like to cherry-pick one issue - war powers - while leaving the rest of the bureaucratic morass untouched. There is not one single government program that is constitutional. These programs costs us billions of dollars a year.

The so-called earmarks, which cost us billions of dollars, are not constitutional. All the various government agencies that have been created by Congress and various presidents are unconstitutional. If Mr. Fein wants to be consistent in his quest to reassert the Constitution, he should call for the abolition of all those programs and government agencies that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution. What does Mr. Fein have to say about the billions of dollars taxpayers are on the hook to pay as a result of the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Fat cat Fannie Mae CEO Franklin D. Raines is walking away with millions of dollars as a bonus for fraudulently inflating the business he was doing. Mr. Fein, what do you have to say about Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s proposal to confiscate the profits of the oil companies to give each person $1,000? Isn’t that buying votes, and doesn’t that smack of Marxism as well as being unconstitutional? Mr. Fein, be fair and objective and cover everything; don’t cherry-pick.


Middletown, Del.

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