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Sarah’s ‘vippah’

“Behold the Sarah Palin Lipstick Kippah, “The Vippah.” To my knowledge, Palin doesn’t wear a Kippah. But if she did, this style would surely resonate with her fine taste. This Kippah is ivory white with hot pink trim. On one side, there’s a McCain/Palin logo in hot pink. On the other side, is a lipstick smudge with the words ‘Sarah Barajewda Eshet Chayil.’ Eshet Chayil means a ‘Woman of Valor’ in Hebrew and it is the title of a poem written by King Solomon in the book of Proverbs. …

“The Sarah Palin Lipstick Kippah comes with two complimentary Yarmulke clips, ensuring the Kippah remains on your head. Includes FREE shipping. A terrific addition to your Kippah Collection. And a perfect gift for him, her or them, in the event you give this Kippah to two or more people to share. …

“No earmarks were requested for the creation of this Yarmulke.”

Shmuly Tennenhaus, writing in the “Sarah Palin Kippah” entry on vanitykippah.com Sept. 16.

Religious timidity

“The tendency in the West to accommodate cultural trends with the Christian religion is one of the big problems we are facing today in the world. Christian leaders seem to have lost the sense that their duty is first and foremost to proclaim the gospel of Christ - the same gospel their forefathers brought to [Nigeria] 150 years ago. My forefathers engaged in human sacrifice. Whenever twins were born, they would kill them - this was a taboo. But when the gospel came, it changed all that. Alleluia! It changed all that.

“In this country, this same gospel led people like the Clapham [Sect], William Wilberforce, Charles Wesley, John Wesley, to stop and say, ‘This is the word of God’ - and it changed the culture. They looked at slavery and said, ‘This is ungodly, you can’t do this.’ They fought and fought and fought for decades; in the end, they won. The gospel transformed society. But Christians today say, ‘Oh no, no, no, no, no, just acquiesce! Just be gentle! Just be politically correct! Just be moderate! Just be tolerant!’ Now, that’s arrant nonsense. …

“When the gospel is proclaimed uncompromisingly, let me tell you one thing: the Muslim respects you. When you have no regard for your religion, when you are neither here nor there, the Muslim disdains you - detests you. That’s what I’ve found in my own country. Like the Roman Catholics, the Muslims don’t give an inch away. It’s you evangelical Christians who give one inch away, give two inches away - and at the end of the day what do you have left? Zero. So, you need to review your agenda, if at all you should engage in religious dialogue.”

Nigerian Archbishop Peter J. Akinola, in an interview by Joel Edwards posted on www.anglican-mainstream.net Sept. 13.

Double standard

“In the next few weeks, we’re going to hear a lot of hot air from Joe Biden as he tries to recapture the spotlight from Sarah Palin. One thing I doubt we’ll hear from him is that rare sensible gem he uttered a few years ago about Democrats and people of faith. But he would do well to remember his fleeting words.

“Biden said: ‘We have too many elites in our party who look down their nose on people of faith. … That’s the big problem with my party.’ …

“If Biden was sincere, why won’t he take issue with liberals in the media and elsewhere who routinely demonstrate their contempt for Christians? …

“Almost all of our presidents have relied heavily on prayer. But to be fair, let’s just look at modern Democratic ones.

“In the middle of the Cuban missile crisis, President John F. Kennedy prayed at St. Matthew’s Cathedral. President Lyndon Johnson repeatedly called for national days of prayer and reportedly prayed a dozen times a day.

“Jimmy Carter said: ‘There’s no doubt that during my time as president, I prayed more intensely and more fervently for God’s guidance than at any other time in my life. … The problems were so complex that I sought counsel.’ Bible-toting Bill Clinton said, ‘I assure you that no president makes decisions like (an agreement with Haiti) without deep thought and prayer.’

“Do you ever remember anyone accusing these Democrats of having alarming theocratic impulses?

“Better yet, have you heard anyone in the liberal media criticizing Obama for his statement that he prays ‘to Jesus every night’? Or Joe Biden for urging people to pray that the levees in New Orleans hold?”

David Limbaugh, writing in “On Theocracy and Double Standards” posted on Townhall.com Sept. 16.

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