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I like this woman. I am always reassured when a leader comes along whom people either love or hate. It means the leader has backbone. Those who try to be all things to all people, in contrast, like Sen. Barack Obama, are always the worst to put into power because they are always the most cowardly in their agendas as well as relentless in their appeasement of others (so that endless troublemakers and disruptive forces take to the stage rather than know their place, and cause all manner of narcissistic havoc and social upheaval against decent people).

God knows what all the far-left forces wanting a piece of power under an Obama presidency will end up doing to the American economy or its culture, but I shudder to think. Given his lifelong association with extremists such as the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. and professor William “Bill” Ayers, it is clear to me that Mr. Obama would welcome all manner of revolutionaries intent on destabilizing the country — and I just don’t believe he is good for any American.

People who try to be all things to all people are also the most corruptible. They waste money at unprecedented levels because they are the kind of people who would look to buy votes in a recession, for example, rather than look for other ways, of which there are many, to improve society.

Both Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin would do better at bringing improvements.

I wonder how much Mrs. Palin has already reduced sexual promiscuity in the youth of America, for example, by making the young man who got her daughter pregnant own up to his responsibilities and raise the child of whom he will be the father. I wonder how much she already has faced down the narcissism and anarchy that liberals want to see all people live by?

What can I say? I like her.


Leighton Buzzard, U.K.

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