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Victor Davis Hanson points out that both liberals and Sen. Barack Obama are hypocritical concerning Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (“What was feminism?” Commentary, Sept. 12). Mr. Obama is inconsistent on feminism and other issues.

Mr. Obama wants to create a new law that states that women should get equal pay for equal work. Yet studies have shown that when you compare women in the same circumstances with the same education as men, women earn as much money as men. The only reason that women are paid less is because many women are often temporarily out of the work force because they are stay-at-home mothers.

Further, Mr. Obama wants to raise taxes on the “rich,” believing that we need more revenue for his projects. Yet it has been shown that under President Bush, the top 1 percent pay 40 percent of the income taxes, whereas under President Clinton, when the tax rates were higher, the top 1 percent only paid 32 percent of the taxes. It is clear that, to a certain extent, raising income tax rates on the “rich” will reduce the revenue that the federal government will collect.

The economic issue that is most misunderstood by the public is the minimum wage, which is flawed economics but enthusiastically endorsed by the electorate. Mr. Obama is pandering for votes on this issue since he proposes increasing the minimum wage to as much as $10 per hour. In the United States, no employer is forced to hire anyone. So what invariably happens after the minimum wage is raised is that those people with the least amount of training or experience and who desperately need job skills — such as black youth in the inner city — can’t get work because employers cannot afford to hire them. Unemployment always skyrockets among the youth as soon as you raise the minimum wage.

In addition, historically, as soon as the minimum wage is raised and salaries in general go up, the Federal Reserve System prints more money and debases the currency. Thus, raising the minimum wage is just a “feel good” thing that politicians like to do in order to pander to an uninformed public. Mr. Obama exemplifies this.

Mr. Obama and the left like to talk about tolerance and helping those who can’t help themselves, but at the same time, they advocate laws that hurt the exact people they are trying to help because of a misunderstanding of economics and cause and effect, and because of a desire to engage in class warfare.



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