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How do real men respond when crises appear? They act. They don’t conduct polls, wring their hands or weep (although they probably do pray for guidance from above). Real men get the facts, weigh the options and consider the impacts of delay. Then they move.

Such traits were amply demonstrated for all the world to see in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001. It happened again just this past week, when, overnight, a handful of men - the top minds in the country - were brought in to discuss the options and impacts and how to quickly implement actions to stem the bleeding and restore confidence in the world’s economic engine: the United States of America.

Who was this gifted and courageous leader? How about President Bush? That’s right, Bush the stupid. Bush the embarrassment. Bush the bungler. Bushhitler. And so on.

Have any of the mainstream media remarked upon his courage or credited his resolute action? Have any even thought of complimenting our president for his swift and effective moves?

There has been a lot of mention of others, but not the man in charge. Why is that? Could it possibly be that the media and the left (but I’m redundant) are so committed to the myth of Bush the incompetent that they simply cannot (will not?) admit his genius?

Maybe if he had called in “focus groups” or “consultants” and pollsters and the editors of the New York Times and pulled a week of all-nighters before implementing some half-baked, watered-down measures, they might grudgingly have given him partial credit? Nah.

Doesn’t anyone ever notice that Mr. Bushnever demeans the office of the presidency by lowering himself into the trench to answer his vile critics in kind? Mr. Bush also visits our wounded service members on a regular basis and meets, personally, with the families of our fallen at every opportunity. He does these things alone, without fanfare, staff, photographers or news coverage. These, too, are things that real men do.

For me, I thank the good Lord every day that Dubya is our president during these times of trial. Consider the alternatives.

How would an Al Gore have responded to Sept. 11? How would John Kerry have handled the surge that has vanquished al Qaeda and led to ultimate victory in Iraq? (The answer is easy: There would have been no surge, al Qaeda would have millions of new recruits, and the light of liberty and democracy in the Middle East would have been snuffed out for decades to come.) How would Mr. Kerry have dealt with the current Wall Street debacle? Hmmmm.

The unmitigated, unjustified and thus reprehensible hatred of our president is unmatched in our history, and it is undeserved.



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