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Anyone who thinks you can fix the problems created by agenda driven Crony Capitalism with agenda driven Crony Socialism is just plain ignorant!



You are more cavalier than expert Washington Times. You can’t get from point A to Point B without first having fuel in the car. If the credit markets seize, all of this ideological debating is academic. Fix the credit markets first. Next, get heads on a stick, augment regulation and oversight, and finally, fundamentally change our long-term economic policies for more responsible growth.



The economy won’t fail, despite what the irresponsible Democrat and Republican alarmists are telling us. Bailing out companies that act unethically and are driven by “political correctness” will not promote individual responsibility or accountability.

Let the American citizen deal with the fallout of the financial crisis without bearing the unfathomable price tag. You know how we can deal with it? Pull up our boot straps, and then vote the bums out of office that put us in this position. Then pursue legal action against them.

Common Sense Patriot


What is going on when we bail out company after company with other people’s money? Most of us taxpayers pay their bills on time. Taxpayers don’t send all that money every year to Washington just so car companies and Financial outfits can be subsidized. This is totally socialistic! Nationalized business is not part of our great capitalist system. This is crazy! Socialist unions have just about killed US manufacturing and bail outs are going to kill the rest.

Scott in Laguna


If they do this red-iculous bail out, I say we join forces and get as many of them voted out of office as we can…both Republicans and Democrats. Our parties have been taken over…I begin to think these folks are some kind of aliens from outer space. They just don’t listen and their judgement is just not there. NO BAIL OUT! I have emailed all my Representatives and Senators saying NO! I hear their email boxes are locking up and the phones are ringing off the hook. Let’s melt them down!!



No bailout.


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