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New on HBO

On the surface, Tim is a typical twentysomething New Yorker who’s looking to get ahead at work - while his girlfriend, Amy, just wants him to be normal, like her friends’ boyfriends. In Tim’s world, the simplest everyday decisions get in the way, thanks to his habit of befriending unreliable characters who repeatedly get him into serious trouble.

The offbeat animated late-night comedy series “The Life & Times of Tim” kicks off its 10-episode season at 11 p.m. Sept. 28, exclusively on HBO. The show follows the premiere of “Little Britain USA,” with other episodes debuting on subsequent Sundays at the same time.

Conceived and written by Steve Dildarian, “The Life & Times of Tim” chronicles the misadventures of an average guy whose instincts repeatedly lead him down the wrong path. Mr. Dildarian is executive producer and also provides the voice of Tim.

Other voices on the show include Maryjane Otto as Amy; Peter Giles as the Boss; Matt Johnson as the Boss’ assistant, Rodney (among other characters); and Nick Kroll as Tim’s best friend, Stu.

Jesse James returns

That’s Jesse James the motorcycle-maker-turned-reality-show-star; the return is to series television.

The former centerpiece of Discovery Channel’s “Monster Garage” will be starring in “Jesse James Is a Dead Man” for Spike TV, set to premiere in February. Each week, Mr. James will perform death-defying stunts, Scripps Howard News Service reports.

Some of the challenges he’ll face include an off-road race - the Baja 500 - and hitting more than 200 mph on a Nitro bike supercharged by ultracombustible nitro-methane fuel.

“Everyone’s begging me to come back to TV - the network, fans, everybody,” Mr. James said in a recent interview to promote his new line of workmen’s clothes, which includes five-pocket pants.

He is producing the series - but not with his wife, actress Sandra Bullock, whose own TV producing credits include “The George Lopez Show” for ABC.

After four years, “Garage” ended in 2006, though it still was drawing a sizable audience. Near the end of the run, Mr. James’ contract was complete, and he walked out.

Mr. James says he is pleased with the three years between series: “I took time to hang out with my children and work on my marriage. That’s important, too,” he says.

Animated Skywalker

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is the first weekly television series from Lucasfilm Animation. It premieres at 9 p.m. Oct. 3 on Cartoon Network with a special one-hour presentation that anchors the network’s all-new night of fantasy, action and adventure, Business Wire reports.

In the signature style of Lucasfilm Animation, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” chronicles the adventures of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Ahsoka Tano and other favorite Star Wars characters as they struggle against the dark side during the divisive, action-packed Clone Wars.

Each week, a new story in the galaxy-changing Clone Wars comes to center stage, brought to the screen by supervising director Dave Filoni and executive producer George Lucas.

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