- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MCCAIN’S WEEK Tuesday: Mr. McCain campaigns in the Midwest while his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, holds meetings with foreign leaders at the United Nations, prepping for the showdown vice-presidential debate on Oct. 2.

Wednesday: Mr. McCain suspends his campaign to return to Washington to deal with the Wall Street bailout bill and urges Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois to postpone Friday’s debate - which Mr. Obama rejects.

Thursday: Mr. McCain speaks to the Clinton Global Initiative, then returns to Washington and attends the White House summit on the bailout. Democrats blame him for what they say is a stunt that scuttled progress.

Friday: Though no bailout agreement is struck, Mr. McCain relents and agrees to debate Mr. Obama. In the debate, Mr. McCain argues that he’s a bipartisan maverick and says Mr. Obama doesn’t have the judgment or experience to win the White House.

Saturday: Mr. McCain holes up in Arlington to make phone calls to lawmakers and leaders urging a resolution to the Wall Street mess.

Sunday: Mr. McCain says the bailout package meets his principles and calls for Congress to pass it to get the financial system back on track.

Monday: Re-connecting with Mrs. Palin on the campaign trail, Mr. McCain goes back on the offensive, hitting Mr. Obama over his performance in Friday’s debate.



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