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As the Republican National Convention ends and the attacks on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin continue, I wonder why Democrats are spending more time attacking her than discussing the issues. Since the announcement of Mrs. Palin as running mate to Sen. John McCain, I have seen an inordinate number of stories attacking her and very few addressing the issues.

As a graduate student and a voter in Virginia, I ask myself why Democrats, the party of change, are more interested in discussing private family matters rather than the issues affecting the voters of the country. This country is facing inflation, a health care crisis, a housing crisis and other risks to its security.

As I go into the booth this November to vote for a candidate, I will not care about Mrs. Palin’s daughter or that her husband was in trouble 20-plus years ago. I will be concerned with paying for college, with affording the next tank of gas so I can go to school, with paying for groceries, whether I have health care, and whether another Sept. 11 will happen. When I pull my lever, I want to know who is more interested in fixing the country’s problems rather then attacking a family.




Sen. John McCain’s campaign director Rick Davis stated they are not running on issues; former presidential candidate Fred Thompson sang the praises of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin being able to field-dress a moose (I wasn’t aware this was a helpful qualification for the second highest office in the land); and the RNC (Really Nasty Cult) disgracefully attacked Sen. Barack Obama with misleading statements, deception and outright lies. They all but ignored the plight of the American middle class after seven years of failed leadership. Of course, the Republican smear machine wants to ignore the issues.

Mr. McCain offers nothing but more disastrous Bush policies like tax breaks for the super rich, more corporate giveaways and tax breaks for greedy oil companies destroying our economy by their outrageous and unjustified profits, and continuing the status quo on Iraq as terrorism runs amok in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Meanwhile, most Americans are far worse off than they were in 2001 with skyrocketing energy, food, drug and health-care costs; and stagnant wages with a faltering economy rocked by the collapse of the housing market, budget deficits and a record-high national debt as a testament to President Bush’s “legacy.”

It is beyond comprehension how people fooled twice by Mr. Bush would give his alter ego a chance to make fools of them a third time. Thank goodness there are enough coherent, intelligent, patriotic Americans to give us the change we desperately need — to elect Mr. Obama and Sen. Joe Biden the next president and vice president of the United States.



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