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Mr. De Borchgrave’s comments show an uncharacteristic ignorance of the sequence of events in Georgia as reflected by the statement that “Mr. Saakashvili ordered an attack on South Ossetia” on 8 August. In fact, the movement of Russian forces, tanks and armored personnel carriers, across the Georgian national border (through the northern tunnel) has been shown to have begun on 6 August. The Georgian action was purely defensive and was launched only in response to armed aggression by the Russian Federation.

Responding to the comments of “analyst”, is it in Georgia’s national interest to ignore an invading army? Put the blame where it belongs, on a Putin with a vision of a reconstituted Soviet empire. We can also blame the US State Department and DoD for the usual “of course we will stand with an independent and democratic Georgia!” assurances that once again prove hollow to an ally whose trust in us was demonstrated by Georgia’s willingness to shed their own blood on our behalf in Iraq.

Having been thus emboldened, what is to stop Putin from a next step in Transdnestr, the Crimea, and into Kiyiv itself? Answer: nothing but a US aircraft carrier in the Black Sea and a firm exercise of force. The situation echoes a certain other series of actions in the 20th century: first cross the Austrian border, then Czechoslovakia, then Poland. Their competence and boldness grows with each unchecked expansion. We need more living space! Russia must be defined by where Russians live!

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