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Paul L. Whiteley Sr. (“Opportunities for liberals,” Mailbox, Editorials, Monday) made many statements extolling the virtues of liberals, including their tendency to be “broad-minded and tolerant (especially in standards of religious beliefs and conduct)… respect views and beliefs different than their own and are willing to give and share generously.”

Where to start? As for “broad-minded and tolerant,” I find liberals are tolerant of themselves and their own views. I have had many “thoughtful liberals” tell me I was remiss for not aborting my Down syndrome child. I also have had “liberals” come on my private property while living in Hawaii, to protest the war because I deigned to put a Blue Star flag in my window while my husband was serving in Iraq. Liberals also have questioned various religions and those who practice those religions as haters, but perhaps the icing on the cake was Mr. Whiteley’s statement about how much liberals tend to give and to share. This may surprise Mr. Whiteley, but the fact of the matter is conservatives give much more overall than liberals do. It even has been sited: https://townhall.com/columnists/JohnStossel/2006/12/06/who_gives_to_charity. And until Sen. Barack Obama started giving serious consideration to running for president, he gave between 2 percent and 4 percent of his income. Conservatives give more, and though we’re often not as rich as our liberal friends, we give generally 10 percent to 15 percent of what we have in either money or donated items. We also tend to volunteer more through our churches and other civic groups.

I am proud to say I love my country, my family and my faith. I do not consider myself a citizen of the world as Mr. Obama and many other liberals do. The “common good” about which Mr. Whiteley brags is another code name that Marxists and socialists like to use. Though the country is not perfect and the past eight years perhaps have been somewhat disappointing, it certainly is better than any other socialist country that many liberals are striving for.


Bristow, Va.

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