- The Washington Times - Friday, April 10, 2009


While criticizing the prospects of implementing a public health care initiative and the possible dismantling of private-sector plans, Tony Blankley insinuates that a public-private partnership is, without saying so explicitly, essentially a form of socialized medicine and therefore bad (“Obama's prescription,” Opinion, Tuesday). Pundits and critics raise the specter of socialized medicine to demean and defeat any government-led health initiative.

In reality, a public-private partnership would indicate socialized insurance. After all, doctors still would be employed by privately owned hospitals. Accordingly, compensation for doctors would not wane to the degree that Mr. Blankley suggests, as compensation still would be determined by an “unfettered market” instead of government fetters.

While a public-private partnership will require sacrifices from all parties involved, let's not get carried away with false accusations and assumptions that such a partnership somehow would smack of socialized medicine.





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