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What more can the Obama administration do to denigrate and demean the citizens of America? I'm afraid the answer is, unfortunately, that they can do a great deal more, and they appear determined to do so.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. proclaimed that we are a nation of “cowards” when it comes to the issue of race in this country. I disagreed with this statement when he first made it, but I hope his words resonated with the American people: We are not only not a nation of cowards, but we have become a nation that recognizes its past, corrects it mistakes and moves forward.

I would say we are a nation of brave, enlightened citizens who are becoming more and more united on the issue of race with the passage of time. It is people who think as Mr. Holder does who want to keep us mired in the past with such misguided statements.

President Obama continues to apologize for America's past actions, whether he is at home or abroad. His criticism of the previous administration goes relatively unabated as he tries to lay the blame for most of our current problems at the feet of President Bush.

While it is true that many of our present challenges originated with the previous administration, Mr. Obama must stop campaigning, stop the blame game and take responsibility for the problems as well as the solutions. His actions thus far have only made a bad situation worse, at home with our economic malaise and abroad with an international community in disarray.

The president's comments last week that portrayed America as arrogant and Europe as the leader of the world are not only hurtful to our citizens, but they are also disingenuous at best. How can a nation be full of cowards, on one hand, and be arrogant on the other hand? How is it that Europe is a leader in the world when the European Union is struggling to maintain any semblance of unity and credibility? I guess such duplicitous and contradictory comments work for this administration, but they don't pass the legitimacy test out here in the real world.

The president and his administration will continue to alienate and divide this country with such reckless rhetoric. I hope America will respond in kind and let Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder and others in the administration know that we categorically reject such characterizations and demand that they be held to account for this senseless display of groveling and debasement. America deserves better.


Dale City

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