- The Washington Times - Sunday, August 2, 2009


If GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli is so perplexed about President Obama’s popularity among young people, I can explain this phenomenon in one sentence: It’s the public school system, stupid. Most of our young people attend and are victims of our failed government-owned school system. As a result, they are, by and large, politically clueless.

Does Mr. Donatelli think these young Obama supporters have been imbued with the vision of the Founders, the benefits of limited government, the superiority of free-market capitalism or the virtues of self-reliance? Au contraire. They have been told that the Founders were nothing but slave-owning white supremacists, that entrepreneurial capitalism is parasitic and evil, and that picking your neighbor’s pocket is a perfectly acceptable way of enriching oneself.

This mind-set, moreover, is strongly reinforced by the media, their fawning Hollywood sycophants and a political class all too eager to prey upon one of our most politically ignorant voting blocs. The vast majority of our youth have been spoon-fed a daily diet of lies since they could walk. Yet Mr. Donatelli calls their support for Mr. Obama a “mystery.”

The shocking and scary thing about it is that a Republican bigwig such as Mr. Donatelli is too clueless to have figured this out. With Frank Donatelli as one of the people running the party, it’s perfectly clear why the Republicans are so hopelessly floundering.



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