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The only sound decision the Obama administration has made so far has been to end the Mexican pilot program that allowed fleets of uninspected, unsafe and generally unacceptable trucks to crowd our highways, transport possibly illegal cargo and endanger American citizens (“Idling ends for rules on Mexican trucks,” Page 1, Monday). The initial program, part of the dismal and abysmal North American Free Trade Agreement, was rejected by most Americans but pushed through by Washington bureaucrats who have denied the wishes of the American people in favor of foreign nationals. Mexico, in turn, hit the United States with tariffs on $2.4 billion worth of American goods.

Is this the same Mexico that was given hundreds of American factories at the cost of hundreds of thousands of American jobs under NAFTA? Is this the same Mexico to which we have sent billions in military and economic aid? Is this the Mexico that has designed, organized and controlled the program to push millions of its illegal immigrants into the United States for its own profit? Is this the Mexico that would collapse in 24 hours if the United States did not prop it up?

The Washington elite have failed to understand that Mexico is a failed state and always has been. It has the resources and manpower to build a nation but lacks the desire and motivation to succeed. Mexico has not proved itself worthy of our continued aid. We have never needed Mexico. It is time that we gave Mexico the needed motivation. Mr. Obama must build the border fence as desired by the American people. He must deport illegal immigrants — from any country. President Eisenhower shipped millions home during his administration with no trouble at all. I would think a president who thought he knew it all could do better.



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