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Gosselins sans sofa

Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of the hit TLC reality show along with their eight children, have moved on — and, apparently, so has their couch, says TVWeek.com.

Here’s what TLC President Eileen O’Neill told the press at the TV Critics Press Tour on Thursday about “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” according to the Live Feed and a number of other blogs, as well as Discovery press relations personnel — ahead of Monday’s new episode at 9 p.m.

“I have a suspicion that Jon and Kate may be on your minds, so before I introduce today’s panels let me give you a brief update.

“Over the last four years and through 100 episodes, we’ve captured this remarkable family’s entertaining chaos. Viewers fell in love and the show developed a passionate, loyal following.

“But this past spring, life intervened and the family’s status changed. It was certainly something we never expected nor planned to have happen. But this has resulted in unprecedented television.

“Our approach to the circumstance was simple: to cover the family with great care and thoughtfulness as they dealt with a subject that is all too familiar to many American families today.

“Jon and Kate have never said they were perfect, which has made them relatable and created an undeniable connection with the viewers. We will continue to capture this family’s journey in a respectful and sensitive way.

“But I will tell you, the iconic couch is gone. Jon and Kate will now have separate chairs for their interviews. You’re still going to see two parents that love their kids, but you’ll be seeing them parenting separately.

“You’ll see what it’s like when Kate has to put a tent up for a backyard camping experience by herself. Or, see Jon trying to cook up a pizza for the kids. As far as new people and places that may be cycling into Jon and Kate’s lives, we are taking it on a case-by-case basis.

“This is real life. It’s important to remember that our cameras are only there for moments in time, and those moments have limits.”

Keaton show on HBO

Diane Keaton is venturing into series television with a half-hour comedy on HBO.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the untitled project (written by Marti Noxon) stars the Oscar winner as a feminist icon who attempts to reignite the movement by starting a sexually explicit magazine for women.

The comedy hails from Grady Twins Productions, a production company recently launched by Miss Noxon and Dawn Parouse Olmstead. Miss Noxon, Miss Parouse Olmstead and Miss Keaton are executive producing.

“We’ve came a long way since the Kinsey report; women are more sexual now,” Miss Noxon said, referring to Alfred Kinsey’s controversial 1953 report “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.”

Miss Noxon said she had carried the germ of the idea for a show that touches upon feminism as long as she can remember. She was 12 when her mother came out as a radical feminist and a lesbian and recalls juggling her mom’s beliefs — which included dismissing leg shaving as “giving in to patriarchalism” — with her own interests.

“I wanted to be a gal, I was very interested in men, and I wanted to shave my legs,” Miss Noxon tells THR.

She and Miss Olmstead bounced around the idea of a young feminist working at a porn magazine, but the moment they decided to make the central character an older, Gloria Steinem-type feminist icon, it all fell into place.

They said Miss Keaton was the first actress they thought of.

“There are a lot of similarities between Diane and Gloria Steinem,” Miss Olmstead said. “They both grew up in the ‘50s, a period marked by women finding their relevance sexually, and Diane has been attracted to roles about women exploring their sexuality in films like ‘Something’s Gotta Give.’”

Miss Keaton has played feminist icons before, including journalist Louise Bryant in the 1981 film “Reds” and aviator Amelia Earhart in the 1994 telefilm “Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight.”

Poehler power

NBC is bringing in the big guns to help launch its new Thursday-night comedy lineup this fall, EntertainmentWeekly.com says.

According to EW, former “Saturday Night Live” standout Amy Poehler will reunite with Seth Meyers behind the anchor desk for “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday” on Sept. 17. The Poehler-ized update will lead into the second season premiere of Miss Poehler’s “Parks and Recreation” at 8:30 p.m., followed by the return of “The Office” at 9, and the premiere of the new comedy “Community” — starring another “SNL” alum, Chevy Chase — at 9:30 p.m. (“30 Rock” returns Oct. 15.)

Wait … there’s more.

Miss Poehler, who just scored a second consecutive supporting actress Emmy nod for “SNL” (word is she submitted the “Palin Rap” episode, EW notes), will co-anchor “Weekend Update Thursday” with Mr. Meyers the following Thursday (Sept. 24), as well.

‘Lawman’ to FX

FX is on the right side of “Lawman,” picking up 13 episodes of the drama starring Timothy Olyphant (formerly of HBO’s “Deadwood” and “Damages” on FX), Variety reports.

The project, from “Boomtown” writer Graham Yost, is centered around the character Raylan Givens, who appears in several works by Elmore Leonard, including the novella “Fire in the Hole.” FX plans to launch the drama next spring.

In “Lawman” (originally titled “Fire in the Hole,” and likely to eventually get another title), Mr. Olyphant plays modern-day U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, whose old-style brand of law enforcement gets him in trouble with his bosses. As a result, he’s reassigned to cover the area where he grew up.

The “Lawman” pilot was shot in Pittsburgh and Miami, but Southern California will double for Kentucky in the series, Variety said.

“Lawman” also stars Nick Searcy, Jacob Pitts and Erica Tazel.

The new show represents the 10th drama series ordered by FX and the seventh produced under its FX Productions banner. It joins other series produced for FX, including “The Shield,” “Rescue Me” and “Damages.”

Compiled by Robyn-Denise Yourse from Web and wire reports



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