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President Obama had been doing very well by staying out of the race issue, but he inevitably fell into the trap (“Obama plays peacemaker at beer get-together,” Nation, Friday). It was obvious that he had been deeply offended when he had heard about Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s brush with the law in Cambridge, Mass., where the professor resides. Mr. Obama reacted without knowing all of the facts, which still are not completely known. The incident had nothing to do with race, but by commenting on it and saying the white policeman had “acted stupidly,” Mr. Obama made it a national race incident.

On Thursday, in a peacemaking effort, he tried to erase the incident by bringing all of the parties involved together to talk over beer and pizza. The pizza was missing, but the vice president was invited as an uninterested referee just in case the parties became hostile toward one another.

Since Sept. 11, the public has been asked to report suspicious individuals and activities to the police, and millions have done just that. They have called 911. The Cambridge cop was just responding to a breaking-and-entering call about a residence. There was no color or race involved, just an everyday police action. However, the paranoid black professor saw it as a personal racist action when he should have been grateful that the police were protecting his home. All he had to do was produce an ID to assure the cop that he lived there, but instead, he resorted to insulting the cop’s mother. Mr. Obama sided with him and took to the racial divide by calling the cop and the police stupid.


Warrenton, Va.

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