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They both display a certain intensity and focus three months after their now famous ACORN expose rocked the White House. James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles - the young videographers who revealed corruption in several offices of the federally funded community activist group by posing as “pimp and prostitute” seeking housing - are just getting started.

The poised pair attended a press-only Christmas party in downtown Washington that featured much powerful talk of conservatism and the state of the Republican Party, amid splendid hors d’oeuvres and dainty desserts.

“The videos have only just begun,” Mr. O’Keefe told Inside the Beltway as the decibel level of insider buzz increased and talk turned to the glories of the Reagan administration and the horrors of Obamacare.

Mr. O’Keefe is 25 and has a gaze that could perhaps cut through steel. Or see through it.

“Now is the time to have courage, creativity and to tell the truth,” he said, but did not elaborate on current projects brewing through his affiliation with Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government Web site, where the original ACORN videos debuted in September.

“Youth is not something to be wasted,” said Miss Giles, who is all of 20 years old. “You have to take advantage of the freedom you have when you are young. You have to go out and rock the world.”


Gee, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. Or threaten to do it. Prompted by dwindling favorability numbers for members of Congress, the U.S. Citizens Association, a nonprofit group in Akron, Ohio, is “investigating the possibility of recalling certain members of the United States Senate,” they say.

“The facts are that no federal legislator has ever been recalled in our nation’s history, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, perhaps there has never been a time in our nation’s history that public dismay at the actions of an arrogant and entitled legislature has reached such a fever pitch,” says executive director Lance Davis.

Several states allow for the recall of elected officials, he notes, adding that health care reform, cap and trade, wealth redistribution and out-of-control spending have vexed the group the most.

“It’s a very complicated process. After all, once these officials get their cushy jobs, they’re going to make it almost impossible to be removed. And that’s precisely what we’re investigating right now. This isn’t the job they promised they were going to do and it certainly isn’t why the citizens of so many states sent them to Washington.”


Poor Copenhagen. United Nations climate summit journalists are cold, protesters are aggressive, delegates argumentative. But there’s candy.

“Sucker for CO2 Limits” reads the lollipops handed out by the National Center for Public Policy Research to one and all.

“They say a sucker is born every minute, and looking around here, I’d have to say they’re right,” observes vice president David A. Ridenour, who’s attending the event - which will feature an appearance by President Obama as a kind of grand finale on Friday.

“In the midst of the worst global economic downturn in decades, delegates are actually pressing for additional commitments for carbon reductions that would sap economic strength further,” he adds.


The winter of everyone’s discontent seems to be looming. Judicial Watch has released a troubling survey of likely voters revealing that 58 percent of the respondents say that decisions made by the Obama administration have been “bad for America.”

The public interest organization found that two-thirds say political corruption is “very serious” in the federal government, while 56 percent say the government is “out of line” with the Constitution. A quarter feels that Republicans do more to fight corruption, 21 percent cited Democrats and 54 percent said neither party had made a difference.

“On virtually every single issue polled the Obama administration appears to be completely out of step with the prevailing views of the American people,” says Tom Fitton, the group’s president. “Frankly, these poll results suggest that President Obama and many other politicians ought to rethink their approach to government.”

The poll of 1,450 was conducted Dec. 11-14; see all the results at www.judicialwatch.org.


White House staffers and the Obama family have donated over 500 toys to the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program, Michelle Obama said during an appearance at a Virginia toy drive Wednesday afternoon.

She was on all-inclusive message.

“On behalf of the president, Malia, Sasha, Bo, and Grandma - we wish everybody a happy holidays, a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah. Everybody out there who’s celebrating anything: happy,” the first lady told the assembly.

And from the official White House pool report, this from McClatchy Newspapers:

“Event ended 12:07. Motorcade returned WH at 12:52. First Dog Bo was out on the lawn, frisking in the cold, and when he saw Mom, he bounded over to her for a long, affectionate rub.”


-72 percent of Republicans are “absolutely certain” there is a God.

-53 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of independents agree.

-59 percent of Americans overall are “absolutely certain” there is a God.

-66 percent of women and 51 percent of men agree.

-87 percent of born-again Christians, 76 percent of Protestants, 67 percent of both blacks and Catholic respondents, and 38 percent of Jews also agree.

Source: A Harris poll of 2,303 adults conducted Nov. 2-11 and released Wednesday.

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