- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 17, 2009


The Washington Times reports, “The Immigration Policy Center says employment is ‘not a zero-sum game’ and that a legalization program would increase tax revenues and consumer spending” (“Illegals backers try again in face of jobless rate,” Page 1, Tuesday).

Are these snake-oil vendors trying to say that legalization will make illegal immigrants wealthy enough to increase tax revenues? Illegal immigrants already enjoy benefits that American citizens do not, and this will not change with legalization.

It is worth noting that each amnestied illegal immigrant age 18 or older can bring three relatives to the United States under the Family Reunification Act. In turn, each relative can bring three more. It will be an invasion by exponential numbers.

By the way, I came to the United States as a legal immigrant and am a naturalized U.S. citizen.


Laguna Woods, Calif.

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