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Tony Blankley’s column (” ‘Yet, Freedom!’ ” Opinion, Tuesday) serves well to define the movement I have joined. I have been a registered Republican since shortly after the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan (I had been an independent before). At that point, I found myself identifying more with the Republican Party and its goals. I now am a registered Republican, an active participant in the tea-party movement and a decidedly strict constructionist when it comes to our Constitution.

Mr. Blankley, as a naturalized American, understands better than most of those born here how critical to the world our survival as a free nation is, which is why he can appreciate the importance of the tea-party participants. We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. We can either rescue it from the depredations of the socialists, who wish to take away our liberty, or we can fight for self-determination for its citizens. Whereas the former will lead to tyranny, the latter will lead to increased economic prosperity.

The choice is ours to make as citizens, and we as a people can take this course despite what the Democrats and Republicans would have us believe. The tea-party movement is the true third way. And it leads to freedom.


Bowie, Md.

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