- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 24, 2009

The headline alone - “EPA issues CO2 ‘endangerment finding’ ” (Dec. 7) - heralds the coming age of the environmental dictator. We recently learned that the Environmental Protection Agency wants to take all water quality control and regulation away from the states, and then we hear that the EPA will make the need for cap and trade unnecessary by outlawing the burning of any carbon fuel in the United States. (At least that’s the goal of its CO2 endangerment finding.)

Has anyone noticed that over the years we consistently have improved environmental quality and met the goals set forth by the EPA only to find that the EPA then replaces those goals with evermore stringent goals? The air and water in the United States is the best it has ever been, but it seems that we are nowhere near good enough for the EPA’s ever-rising standards.

I have never seen a federal agency that accomplished its mission such that it could pack its bags and retire at the top of its game. Every federal agency has a duty to get bigger, propose evermore stringent regulations and hire evermore employees, and the EPA has become the supreme master of this Washington game.

It is time for America to rethink the monsters it has created in the form of federal regulatory and environmental do-good agencies.

The EPA was created to clean up the American environment, but it must be failing - because the EPA keeps growing, and we never meet any of its cleanliness criteria. The Department of Energy was created to reduce oil imports, and all it has done is increase its own budget and number of employees.

Not one drop of foreign oil importation reduction has resulted; in fact, foreign oil imports have only increased since the creation of the DOE. Of course, the increases in oil imports only seem to raise the DOE’s appetite for staff and budget increases.

Now the EPA, hand in hand with the DOE, is trying to shut down American coal and oil production, along with American jobs, just when the American economy is tanking. Just how much more environmental progress and regulation can this nation take?


Burke, Va.

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