Thursday, December 3, 2009

I found your editorial “Denying the global-cooling cover-up” (Opinion, Tuesday), which denigrates the Obama administration’s complicity in climate-change fraud, somewhat amusing.

The Obama team has been in power for less than a year, while the media have been abetting the climate change hysteria for more than a decade by reporting the opinions of alarmists as fact. Conversely, facts that refute many of the alarmists’ claims seem to be relegated to the opinion pages of newspapers.

Anthony J. Sadar’s Op-Ed “Climate science hijacking” (Opinion, Tuesday), for example, points out many facts that contradict statements commonly made by alarmists. These facts are easily verified by anyone seriously seeking to find the truth in the climate change debate; yet journalists seemingly ignore these facts or are unaware of them in their reporting of news. I get the feeling that those who chose journalism as a profession did so because they have no aptitude whatsoever for math and science.

Even the recent hoopla over the revelation that data has been fudged to hide the recent cooling trend is misplaced from the standpoint that short-term trends are almost meaningless in the debate. It’s akin to determining whether winter or summer is approaching based on comparing a single day’s temperature measurements to the prior day’s readings. The alarmists are red-faced only because they have been claiming that previous short-term warming trends indicated a catastrophe is approaching.



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