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As a former member of the U.S. Navy, I am appalled at the decision by members of this government to charge the three SEALs with assault (“Save the SEALs,” Editorial, Tuesday).

Those in government seem to forget that the purpose of the military, by and large, is to kill people and break things in order to achieve victory. In past conflicts, our military survived and won battles by adapting to circumstances and in many instances became as ruthless as the enemy it was fighting.

The SEALs are a highly trained group of professional operators who perform in the special-ops part of the Navy. They are not part of the law enforcement community and should not be treated as such.

They are warriors performing their duties to complete the mission at hand. It is unfortunate that our government has seen fit to saddle our service members with a convoluted set of rules of engagement. These rules have cost the lives of service members and will continue to do so.

I was listening to a nationally syndicated radio show last week, and I learned some very interesting information. The caller indicated that he was a player in the SEAL community and that the charges leveled against the SEALs were done for a specific reason.

The first thing to understand is that they have been charged with assault. This charge is so petty that one suspects there is an underlying motive for making it. Simply put, the administration is trying to show the SEALs and the military as a whole who is the boss.

This goes back to the incident where the SEAL snipers killed the Somali pirates. It turns out that the decision to kill the pirates and rescue the captain were made on location and not by the president. The president, however, was given credit for the decision, even though he didn’t make it.

President Obama wants to treat acts of terrorism as criminal matters. Piracy and hijacking on the high seas are terrorist activities, and they should be treated as such. The terrorists should not be given quarter; they should be killed. These terrorists have weapons and are willing to use them. They have killed crew members on hijacked ships and will continue to kill them.

Free the SEALs. They completed their mission, and they didn’t kill Ahmed Hashim Abed, but took him prisoner. If all he got was a fat lip or an upset stomach, he was very fortunate.


Middletown, Del.

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