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On Sept. 22, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon laid out his vision for a successful U.N. Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

He said that “failure to reach a broad agreement in Copenhagen would be morally inexcusable, economically shortsighted and politically unwise.” Clearly the secretary-general has made the U.N. the leader of the Copenhagen climate fraud.

Is that really the purpose of the United Nations?

The U.N. was established as a diplomatic organization that would provide a forum for its member-states to come together to promote peace and security and to defend basic human rights. It was never meant to be an autonomous power, dictating conditions to member-states. It was not intended to act on its own as a sort of supergovernment.

Instead of merely facilitating the Copenhagen Climate Conference, the United Nations is making itself the chief player, even going so far as to issue benchmarks for “success.”

A few days before his “Signposts for Success” speech, the secretary-general addressed the commonwealth summit, stating that a comprehensive climate deal “must be as ambitious as possible. But to get a deal, we need every country on board.”

He went on to say that the world needed an “ambitious deal that will set a firm deadline for a legally binding treaty as soon as possible in 2010. The stronger the agreement in Copenhagen, the quicker it can be transformed into a legal framework.”

Not only is the U.N. the facilitator at Copenhagen, it is acting as a special-interest lobbyist set to gain from a Copenhagen agreement. The U.N. is lobbying for establishing a climate government complete with legal authority to administer that government.

I do not understand how an organization dedicated to preserving the “sovereign equality of all its members” could so readily lobby to subsume those members’ sovereignty unto itself. Clearly, the United Nations has lost its way.

The speed with which they must act is important because it is now known that the “science” that underpins this entire power grab is fraudulent.

There was a time when the U.N. focused its efforts on supporting the rights of individuals to live free and prosperous lives without fear of war or persecution. Now the U.N. focuses on an increasingly aggressive agenda that subverts the rights of individuals and member-states in order to satisfy its urgent desire for global governance.

The U.N. wants to levy a tax on every American citizen because we have the audacity to live in a great nation and be prosperous. The U.N. calls it our “climate debt.” It is not. It is a tax on prosperity and freedom.

Apparently, the U.N. is convinced we are guilty of living too well and that our parents and grandparents were guilty of working too hard to build a modern, industrialized society. But the U.N. will give us a gold star if we just pay the climate debt tax that it concludes is appropriate.

Now, let me be perfectly clear: I support providing humanitarian and development aid to foreign countries and helping them to develop democratic institutions and industrialized societies.

These improvements bring about healthy, well-educated populations that can commit themselves to pursuing the principles of equality and justice - the very principles that built the United States.

Providing development aid should be the decision of the American people, acting through their elected officials, not a decision made by unelected U.N. bureaucrats seeking self-aggrandizement.

Every American should be concerned about President Obama’s encouragement of the U.N.’s Copenhagen Climate Conference.

We must ask ourselves what will happen to America if the president bends to the will of the United Nations and agrees to binding emission targets and to relinquish our sovereignty to a supergovernment. The answer will not be good for America.

Rep. John Linder is a Georgia Republican.

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