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The appointments for sub-Cabinet posts within the Justice Department, which are being “hustled” through committee, are just that - a “hustle.”

It is bad enough that the question marks left hanging over Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. were ignored by legislators. However, the recent crop of his foot-soldiers-to-be is not just from the left, which is to be expected and is indeed the president’s prerogative to nominate. These nominees are, in fact, far more radical in their political views.

More than this, they not only have a track record of supporting an activist policy in terms of “the rule of law,” but they also have actually shown signs of hefty resentment for the Constitution as it originally was crafted.

While President Obama maintains the superficial cool and false magnanimity of a healer and - I daresay - a moderate, the substance is, as it always has been, different.

Mr. Obama’s true beliefs are exposed by these nominations, which are much closer to his written and spoken opinions on the Constitution and class warfare. He understands how the government works. He understands the distinction between political face and the daily machinations of executive orders, constitutional amendments and the details of the legislative process. This is where he intends to bring the fight, and this is why these appointments matter greatly.

So let the majority rule, but not at the cost of a full vetting of the likes of Justice Department nominees Elena Kagan, David W. Ogden and Thomas J. Perrelli.

It is important for the American people to determine whether these individuals’ values reflect the bipartisan rhetoric of their chief or another, more radical seam.


Palm Beach, Fla.

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