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Well, whatever one thinks of the stimulus plan, President Obama certainly has proved he is a “tax and spend” liberal. I mean, if his economic philosophy can be summed up in three words, those are it. And what is the liberal corollary to that? Soft on crime. This is Mr. Obama’s and the Democrats’ plan on fighting global terrorism — being soft on terrorism.

This is why they wish to redefine jihadist terrorism as a “crime.” In a recent interview, Mr. Obama could barely bring himself to speak the terms al Qaeda, terrorism and war on terrorism.

See, first you identify crime as a social problem with “root causes” of social injustice and its perpetrators as victims of that injustice. Then you identify jihadist terrorism as crime. Therefore, it is caused by global injustice, a result of unjust Western policies, and its perpetrators actually are victims of that injustice.

Now, to battle this crime, you need to understand the root causes; you need to reach out to the Muslim world. We do this by forgetting the Sept. 11 attacks upon America, by essentially apologizing for the reaction of America to those attacks - that is, for interpreting them as attacks and getting angry - and then we agree with those who attacked us and describe it as jihad. Mr. Obama wants to skip the past decade and go back “twenty or thirty years” to a mythical time when Americans were not being attacked, kidnapped, held hostage and murdered by extremist Muslims.

As he told families of the Sept. 11 victims in a private meeting, he does want to “look back but move forward.” This is why he will not permit justice to be rendered at Guantanamo Bay: He wants not to render a verdict upon those who attacked us on Sept. 11. To appease the Muslim street.

That, he believes, is the path to peace.

Note: My brother, New York City Fire Department Capt. William F. Burke Jr. of Engine Company 21 gave his life on Sept. 11, 2001.


New York

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