- The Washington Times - Monday, February 16, 2009

Would our government ever do something smart? Here is the only intelligent answer.

If we need $800 billion, more or less, to pull us out of this morass, the following must be done. The funds can be allocated, the system can be choreographed, but the money, like a bone held over a dog’s head as an incentive for him to perform a command, must be held back in anticipation of the recipients participating and actually receiving this money - our money. These funds must be placed in escrow and doled out only as performance occurs. As projects are instituted and progress proves that serious work has begun, certain percentages can be paid out, but only as proof of work is confirmed.

I realize extra work would be involved in this - that’s putting more people to work, and isn’t that the whole idea?

Taxpayers footed the bill for Katrina, where there was no minding of those funds, and four years later, there is still no accounting for that money, particularly in New Orleans.

We must have oversight of that money, not from the congressional mafia, but from the private sector. This was a proven method during the ‘60s when the Atomic Energy Commission appointed a group of businessmen that monitored AEC activity with great success. Let’s do something that works for a change.


Great Mills, Md.

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